Friday, May 22, 2015

Grandpop Shoots the Boys

With his camera he shoots them--with his camera! You knew what I meant, right?

A couple of photos by my dad, "Grandpop" to the kids...

One Saturday this month, Grandpop and Nana took Matthew over to Udvar-Hazy for their 70th Anniversary of V-E Day celebration. They had to wage a war of their own just to get there--stuck in traffic for two hours, a security line that went on for miles--but in the end, they had a great time and got to see some cool stuff. Dad snapped a few pictures for memory's sake.
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Then today we were at my folks' house, and my mom brought out her latest haul from the thrift store. (Thanks goodness for those places! And thank goodness for grandmothers! I don't know how my parents would have clothed me if not for the fact that my Gran volunteered and bought liberally at Blossom and Bloom, the King Street thrift store in good ol' Leesburg, VA, where I grew up. And now my mom is paying it forward, scoring lightly worn finds to keep my kids well dressed.)

Anyway (digress much?), this is the size 3 treasure that Nana found for Graham last time she thrifted, and this is Grandpop's shot of Graham enjoying it:

A totally sweet, good-as-new, dragon costume! When Graham laid eyes on it, he just ran up and threw his arms around it. Knights errant, beware! Graham the Dragon stalks these parts.

Thank you, Dad and Mom, for good pics and better memories!


Sandi said...

All your kiddos are growing so fast Cara!

Cara said...

Sandi, I know! We keep telling them to cut it out, but they keep right on growing... Hope you are doing well! Love to you and your fam.