Saturday, November 08, 2014

Found on Dave's Phone: His and Hers Road Trip Pictures

A couple of days after the service for Dave's dad, we strapped the kids into our jam-packed car and headed toward the beach. Day was barely breaking when we left Louisville, and it was raining. We drove right into the approaching storm and eventually passed through it. On the other side of the deluge, a great bank of cloud was slipping away, and silver beams of sunlight punctured the haze in the distance. I had to take a picture, even knowing that the foreground would be ugly, Jersey-walled highway.

A few minutes later, Dave asked me to take another picture. Our minivan, fondly known as Janie the Silver Apple, was about to reach a noteworthy numerical milestone.

It didn't strike me at the time, but when I looked back a month later and saw the juxtaposition of the two pictures, it seemed funny. My picture. Dave's picture. Classic, in so many ways.

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