Friday, July 25, 2014

Belt Test

Meg and Matthew have been studying taekwondo at Han Mi Martial Arts. (I highly recommend them if you're local and interested.) I can't remember if I've mentioned that here on the blog before. Anyway, Matthew's been at it for almost a year, and Meg started in January.

Last Saturday they had their most recent belt test. It was a rough morning for Esme, Graham and me, and I wasn't able to get any pictures during the test itself. But here are a few shots from after the test was over, as Matthew and Meg (who both passed their tests!) graduated to their new belt levels.

Here are Matthew and his fellow mid-ranks waiting to receive their new belts...
P1230759 Meg and the low-ranks look on.

Matthew is a green belt!

Master Thompson always makes this moment very special for the kids, joking with them and taking time to encourage them about their tests.

Now it's time for Meg and her comrades to remove their old belts...

and go up to receive their new ones.

Meg's turn!

A brand new yellow with green stripe!

Yay for Meg and Matthew! Now onward and upward!

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