Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Graham Boy: Language


Graham's Language
This kid is a talker--maybe not among strangers, but definitely here at home. It's always a little hard to remember our other kids' stages well enough to compare accurately, but Dave and I both think he's well ahead of any of our other kids, verbally speaking, at age two. No big surprise there; he hears a lot of words around here!


I'm sure I won't be exhaustive in capturing his lingo, but I'll at least share some Grahammy-faves:

  • "Met" (Meg)
  • "Machoo" (Matthew)
  • "Ez" (Esme)
  • "Set... GO!" (Sometimes he adds the "Weady" at the beginning, but only occasionally. Shouting "GO!" is often his way of telling Daddy that he wants to be thrown in the air again, or insisting that Mommy plant more of those ticklish kisses on his neck.)
  • "Here go" (here you go)
  • "Up dere" or "Ower dere" (to indicate the location of something he wants)
  • "Where you" (Where are you?)
  • "Foo" (food)
  • "Yolo" (yogurt)
  • "Banana"
  • "Puz" (grapes)
  • "Apple" (any fruit besides banana and grapes)
  • "Cracker" (he pretty much survived on crackers for several months)
  • "Waduh" (water)
  • "Budduh" (new alternate pronunciation of water)
  • "Mahmellow" (marshmallow--his fave treat)
  • "Woah" (bowl--this one's new as of this morning)
  • "Shoe"
  • "Coat"
  • "Jaja" (jacket)
  • "ipada" (ipad)
  • "Guppy" (Bubble Guppies)
  • "Botch" (watch, as in, "I wan botch Guppy ipada")
  • "muh" (more)
  • "Buh-puh" (Grandpop)
  • "Nana!" (Usually exclaimed as we round the bend on Nana's street and he realizes her house is about to come into view)
  • "Ow-sigh" (outside)
  • "Kah" (car)
  • "Nigh-nigh" (Beside obvious uses, Graham also uses this phrase to mean "fan," a machine that, at our house, is always required for anyone to go nigh-nigh.)
  • "Bah" (ball)
  • "Woof" (any dog, or Clifford specifically)
  • "Goggie" (alternate for dog)
  • "Ligh" (light)
  • "Boo-pah" (diaper)
  • "Way" (pray)
  • "Fadah" (Father, as in "Dear Father, thank you for...")
  • "Ka-kow" (answer to "What the fox say?")
  • "Luh you" (love you)
To be continued...

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