Wednesday, November 14, 2012

At Last!

We have a new blog header picture featuring all SIX Wilcoxes! (By the way, have I mentioned how much I hated the number six when I was a kid? Seriously, I specifically did NOT EVER want to have four children, because then there would be a total of six people in my family. Huh.)

Our friend Jonalee so kindly took pictures for us last week, and we are THRILLED to have some updated images of our family. Yay! And thank you, Jonalee!


Julia said...

I can help you solve the six problem... :)

Love the header!!! Silly is best!

Cara said...

Julia, re: the six problem... I know! Believe me, we'll look you up when the Lord opens that door!

Jonalee said...

I love that you used the silly picture for your header! It was one of my favorites. :)