Monday, August 13, 2012

Where Ya Been?

Right here at home, pretty much, since my last post!

However, it's that time of year, that school-year-planning time of year, and I've been working hard to make sure that I'm ready to teach first grade, kindergarden and some variation of preschool on August 21st. We get to do a Nalle-family beach trip in September, so the goal is to have a full month of school under our belts before we take that two-week break. So I've been reading, researching, buying, organizing, scanning, planning, downloading, printing, collating, clipping, copying... and we're going to be ready. I think. Maybe just.

Meanwhile, time does not stand still. Graham hit the 7-month mark last weekend. He is just as cute as a button, and between the five of us older Wilcoxes, we probably tell him so 30 times a day. He is still entirely breastfed at this point but is probably starting to be ready for some baby food. He just finished cutting his first tooth (Finally! Good grief, what a drawn-out process!) and is a much happier boy as a result. His eczema has backed off a little in the last couple of weeks, so we are super-thankful for that. He rolls all over the place and can also do a pretty good scootch--it's not quite an army crawl--more legs pushing than arms pulling. He's also sitting up pretty well and loving the view.

I wish that I had a camera implanted in my eyeballs so that I could take pictures and videos of him in all the fleeting moments when he is being so sweet and wonderful and babyish... I wish I wasn't going to forget what his smile looks like at this stage and have to look back at pictures to recall it. I wish I could always keep his precious, beautiful baby love for myself, corked in a jar like smelling salts, so I could open them up and take a reviving whiff when my heart feels faint. If you are not someone who enjoys the baby stage, then maybe this all sounds really nutso, but... I just wish I could make it last forever. (In some ways. I could do with a lot more sleep.)

I had planned to write more and touch on what the other kids are up to as well, but this is already getting kind of long. Hopefully I can post again soon. I need to leave you with just one picture of Graham... it's an old, blurryish one, and it totally misrepresents his hair, which usually sticks up and out all over the place. But it captured a smile...


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