Friday, July 20, 2012

Six Months Stats


I've been bad about recording Graham's growth stats, but here, at least, is one entry! Yesterday we went in for his 6-month check and found that he is:

27 3/4 in. tall, or in about the 90th %, and
15 lbs., 7 oz., or in about the 25th %.

So pretty classic Wilcox baby stuff.

The only other noteworthy item is that the doctor thinks Graham has some condition with a name I can't remember... basically, he looks and tilts his head to the left all the time, so the muscles on the right side of his neck are underdeveloped. No big deal--we just have to help him look in the other direction more so those less favored muscles catch up. If he doesn't show improvement in six weeks, he'll need a little bit of physical therapy.


Mari said...

It think the condition is called Torticollis.

Cara said...

Ah. Right you are.