Thursday, December 02, 2010

Family Pictures

Last week, our friend and neighbor Jonalee took some family pictures for us. What a precious gift to be able to "freeze" our sweet littles at this moment in time, before--blink--they change again! And Jonalee did such a good job getting their many-faceted personalities. These pictures are fairly brimming with all of the energy and emotion and general nuttiness that our kids bring to every waking moment.

There is a little story around the photo shoot that I haven't finished writing yet... maybe soon?


Trinity said...

AHH! I LOVE the one of you getting a kiss from Meg in front of the barn doors. And the one of Dave with his little man. These are priceless.

Sandi said...

they are amazing Cara. Your so beautiful and at peace....they so show your love for your people :o)

Cutie tootie kids too!

Shannon Anderson said...

Very sweet.

Mari said...

It is obvious that your kids are amazingly cute and look great in all the pics. But I have to say that my favorite pic is the last one. So much love!!