Saturday, July 11, 2009

30 Weeks!

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant. In all likelihood, eight to ten weeks from today we will be meeting our little girl! I get more excited about that every day. In fact, this whole pregnancy, which has seemed far more surreal than my others, is finally coming home to my heart and mind.

Our wee girlie is moving every day--vigorously! This morning before I got out of bed I was lying on my back watching my belly change shapes (always a little bizarre) as she did her morning calisthenics. I reached down and could feel her teeny bum on the upper left side of my belly. Moving my hand down and to the right, I distinctly felt a little knee! How amazing.

As far as my midwives and the ultrasound techs are concerned, this baby looks healthy and strong. We are so grateful to God, especially since we did have a "threatened miscarriage" late in my first trimester, with bleeding that lasted into my second. They still aren't quite sure what caused this. This Monday I go back for yet another ultrasound to check if they can see anything more than what they've seen the last two times. (Girlie is not always very cooperative during ultrasounds.) Praise the Lord though--at this point, it doesn't appear to be anything that will harm the baby or adversely affect labor and delivery.

In general, I am still feeling great, though I do have days where the energy is a little low. I'm sure more of those are on the horizon, but for now I'm just enjoying the "glow" stage. (You know, the part that comes before the "waddle" stage...)

In closing, let me tell you about the weirdest side effect that I've noticed during this pregnancy: I can't push a swing straight to save my life. Both of my kids are loving swing sets this summer. I mean, we go to the playground, and all they want to do is swing. Matthew, especially, would go for hours if allowed. But I can't push either kid straight. It doesn't matter what kind of swing it is or where we are--I always push crooked. Not crooked enough to cause an accident, mind you, but crooked enough for me to notice it. Repeatedly. So what's with me? I haven't noticed balance issues in any other context. Has any other mom experienced this phenomenon, or am I just kooky?

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